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Words for creatives

“Attach your artist’s statement”, “Describe your influences”.  These words are among the most dreaded by artists. We all leave the job to the last minute when we absolutely have to write something. 

Most of us need help when writing about our own work.

Do you, like many other artists, need someone else to look and listen, to follow the clues carefully, form the links and do the detective work needed to solve the problem - finding words to describe your art that will strike the right chord with your audience? 

I can help.  I have years of experience as a word detective, writing, checking, editing and proofreading. 

Whether you need to get words written for an exhibition, for a catalogue, a press release, or for something else, I can offer you a personalised service and I can take the strain out of supporting your beautiful artworks with beautiful creative text.

Check out my credentials and the services I can offer using the links in the image above, and if you'd like to make an inquiry, please use the form below, or on the Contact page.

Let’s Work Together

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