I have been working a lot in acrylic lately but I am an experimentalist, so I love to mix media and am trying things out all the time.  A lot of my work is about mark making.  I get excited by lines, shapes and shadows in the grains of hewn wood, a bootprint stomped into a muddy track, or the ripple of some fungus growing on a rotten tree stump.  I am obsessed by tracks and trails, the marks left in the ground by people’s and animals’ passing.   I love abstract work, both to do and to look at.  Organic or man-made shapes observed on my walks take on a life of their own and have their own story to tell, which will be different for every observer.  My pictures invite you on a journey into your own imagination.  


I am a member of artikinesis:  artikinesis.org.uk

and of Isle of Wight Arts

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Rosemary Lawrey

© Rosemary Lawrey, 2019