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Kathy Williams, artist

"Rosemary it’s lovely. I didn’t realise you had noted so much detail! I really like your writing/ tone of your writing and how you have (effortlessly) pulled strands together."

Joshua Raffell, artist

"Thanks Rosemary, it’s quite beautiful and I blush with a tear in my eye. It was a pleasure sharing my work with you and you’ve captured it in words."  

Jim Elston, photographer

"It was an absolute pleasure to meet you yesterday and I am so glad you understood my work and was able to write about it so beautifully"

Testimonial from Heidi  Nguyen, artist

Why did you approach me for your writing task?  What were the things you needed help with in particular?

I approached you because I knew you and because I had come across your blog and I liked the tone of it. And you are an artist too.


I needed help for a solo show opening in a couple of months and a catalogue. For the show I needed one text presenting me and summarising the exhibition. This text was printed and hung in the hall beside the painting. The Gallery used some of it for their social media. And for the catalogue, I designed the  layout but needed an introductory text and some material a bit more about technique.

Why do you think it is sometimes hard for you to write about your own work?

I am too involved in the process to be able to describe it and I am not particularly good at writing.

How did it feel working with me?

Very easy, first because I read your blog and liked your style of writing, and I think I mentioned not being after an obscure artistic jargon type of text but more something honest written by another artist.

What did you get as an outcome?

I got a 150-word text as an intro for the exhibition and the catalogue, and some material (1500 words) that I cut and rearranged to suit the layout of the printed publication. The Gallery used some of the intro text on their social media.

It did save me lots of time and stress and somehow helped me to come out with words and ideas that I didn’t really have time to discuss with anybody. The time for the exhibition was very short (3 months) and there was a lot to do aside from the paintings.

How did you feel others responded to the writing that I delivered?

The intro at the exhibition was well received and commented and I was told that the catalogue itself looked very professional.


Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.  It is much appreciated and I very much enjoyed working together with you on the writing.

Same here it was lovely, easy, professional and fast. Well worth the money!

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