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Art and words


I am an artist and a writer, and I also have many years’ experience in the translation industry, producing copy for a wide variety of readers.  Those texts have included books and articles on the arts and on technology and design, as well as catalogues and brochures for and about art galleries, museums and prestige publications in the UK and in Europe.  

I have enjoyed interviewing many artists, about their work, and producing or editing copy for press releases and newspaper articles, catalogues, applications, exhibitions and Open Studios texts.  I also have some knowledge of several European languages.  Whether or not English is your mother tongue, therefore, I can help you find the right expressions to put across exactly what you want to say. 

Having already helped several artists with finding the right words to describe their art, I can offer a writing service specifically for artists, by an artist.    Often creatives take for granted the most interesting and surprising aspects of their work.  It takes someone else to shine a light on these. 

Some artists simply want an editor or proofreader to check that everything they have written makes sense.  Another pair of eyes can help in gauging how an audience will respond, as well as spotting typos and other errors.  I can provide a highly professional checking and editing service.

See below for a testimonial and for a list of my personalised services.

What my clients say

Writing services

Testimonial from Heidi Nguyen, artist

"Lovely, easy, professional and fast. Well worth the money!"

Read Heidi's full testimonial here.

Creative writing - new words

Artist's statements

Website text

Exhibition text e.g. wall text, flier text

Catalogue writing

Descriptions of process

Descriptions of artworks

Press releases

Checking service for your words

Spell checking

Grammar checking

Readability checks

Fact checking



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