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Rosemary Lawrey


We all need an escape hatch.  Mine is my front door.  When I walk through it with no plan or destination in mind, I'm never disappointed.  My rhythmic footsteps lead me down familiar streets, always to a new experience, a new wonder and new fuel for my imagination.  An unpromising sludgy pond brings a thrilling close encounter with a dragonfly.  The double yellow lines, hated by motorists, are a symbol of freedom to who knows where when you are following them on foot.  The lines in my paintings are the same.  They trace adventures, and I hope they will lead you on your own great escape into the endless possibilities of your own imagination.  


Click on the gallery images to see whole paintings, sizes, prices and titles.  To purchase an original artwork, visit my SHOP or the CONTACT page for work not listed in the shop page.

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