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8 - Brightening the grey

Stepping out into grey murk this morning, I was cheered, when I reached the beach, by a splash of neon orange on the sands. A kitesurfer, neon green hat on head, was edging her way towards the surf. A graceful swan flew low and strong over the scene, each whooping wingbeat a mockery of the human's attempt to get airborne. I trudged on into the grey, digging out my sketchbook to note the shapes around me, reminders of sunnier days, the odd tousled seaside palm, the now blurry-eyed belvedere towers, a looming grey shape at the mouth of Solent which the shipping app told me was a bright blue car transporter named Freedom, and the raindrops which added their own pattern to my page. An hour later, I returned to find two brave souls casually zipping across the waves on their kiteboards, dark grey wetsuits against the boiling lighter grey of the sea and sky, boards breezily upturned. Freedom in the grey.


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Feb 01, 2021

Wonderful - I can almost feel the spray on my face.


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