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7 New beginnings

Today’s image is one I made in 2015, and I made the sound recording yesterday as I walked along the pier. The image was inspired by my urban wanderings as I searched for the elusive Basingstoke Canal. The canal was not to be found in the town, but I did find a line of pedestrians painted into the concrete path where I thought it should be. I imagined one of them getting up and, perhaps dragging a bit of concrete along behind him, going off for a look about town. He was my first contribution to “The Basingstoke Project” the first exhibition to be put on with my art collective, Artikinesis. After more exhibitions, a colouring book and an installation at Sticks Contemporary Gosport, Artikinesis took a rest for a while when I moved to the seaside and then sadly our youngest member Elinor, who had come up with our name, died. Artikinesis met for the first time for just over a year this week courtesy of zoom. The meeting was a tentative one. We had no agenda and no expectations, but by the time we said goodbye, we’d decided on a new online exhibition and even had our theme, and a date to meet again in two weeks. As I walk along the pier at my new home town, I’m always cheered by the line of painted people on the pathway, showing us pedestrians where it’s safe to walk. They look purposeful, in a hurry, and happy just to be moving. That reminds me of the motto of Artikinesis – “keep looking, keep moving”. Who knows what’s round the corner.

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