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26 - Feetmaps Unplugged

Still sitting with my pictures today, so not much aimless walking outdoors for me at the moment, but I thought I would give readers who do and who don’t live on the Isle of Wight the chance to see what has become of my sounds and images since I started this blog back in December. I have put them all together in a room and turned them into a multisensory experience at a place called Monkton Arts in East Street, Ryde. Some images have been taken straight from the blog posts, others have been worked on quite considerably. I brought these pictures along to hang somewhat sheepishly as I had no idea what kind of a response (if any) they would receive. In fact, the response has been surprisingly positive and words such as “progressive”, “an immersive experience“ and “really different“ have been overheard as I have sat doodling in the exhibition space. Quite a number of visitors too have bought themselves a "feetmap" to take home with them once the exhibition is over. This has surprised me even more, as these blog post images were not originally intended as gallery pieces for sale. Anyway, here is a short video to give you a whistle-stop flavour of Feetmaps the multi-sensory experience. I hope you will enjoy it, and next time I will take you on a proper walk to nowhere once more, not through a gallery or a studio, but outdoors from my front door once again, I promise! I would also like to thank everyone who encouraged me in my blogging adventures (you know who you are). I've learnt a tremendous amount in the process, had lots of fun and I think brought some pleasure and interest to others through it too. Something that would never have happened without you egging me on. For those who are able to visit, Feetmaps is at Monkton Arts, PO33 1 JP until 8th August - every day except Monday and Saturday.

The picture below is one of the doodles I made while sitting in the gallery - a map of a map.



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