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11 - Pattern of tiny portholes

Pausing to gaze across the water, I noticed a little sound I’d never heard before. I looked down to see hundreds of tiny colourful pebbles being dragged into the backwashing wave of the ebbing tide. I was brought up by the sea, and I’ve walked this beach near my current home many times already, but had never stopped to listen to this sound, or watched the pebbles as they chattered and bounced like an excited bunch of miniature Boxing-Day swimmers dashing into the waves together. There had been no Boxing Day swim to witness this winter. For me, just a walk up this same beach with a friend. I remember us each selecting a precious piece of treasure to take home from the shore. We’d both been attracted to stones with round holes washed smooth by the waves. Mine was a piece of terracotta brick which I’ve used in today’s image to make a pattern, providing the blocks for my walker’s “map”. I enjoyed the soothing repetition of drawing round its wave-washed lines, each shape with its own little round window – a porthole for the imagination to wiggle through.


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07 mar 2021

Love this Rose - the left side is like the stones seen through the lapping water but without being boringly literal. It has that lazy glazed look with occasional excitement and the repeating stone is as though it is being washed around in the surf and you are tracking it's movement from the most historic vague to the latest solid.

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Rosemary Lawrey
Rosemary Lawrey
08 mar 2021
Contestando a

I definitely like to know. Definitely not annoying. With that one in particular I really wasn't sure I'd expressed anything that anyone else would relate to, although I enjoyed doing it, so I was really pleased to read your comment. I do like feedback and to know how people respond. I get comments from people by text or on the phone sometimes too, but it is really good when someone takes the trouble to write something underneath the image and I think your poetic words really add to the piece. What other people bring to a piece of artwork is also important and always fascinating to me. Sometimes, like I say, others are able to express things that I…

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