• Rosemary Lawrey

FEETMAPS 2 - following the rainbow

For car drivers, yellow lines are a forbidding obstruction. For walkers, they are an invitation to discovery, and I'm never quite sure where the ones marking my street's curbsides will lead me. Very late out the door this afternoon, I wasn't, to be honest, expecting any surprises. But turning the very first corner, I looked down to where the double yellows faded into the distance, only to see them merge into a great fat rainbow, one end at the bottom of the hill, the other end dipping into the sea beyond. Following these shimmering lines in the sky took me along the esplanade to the next village. A lone detectorist bobbed and twirled rhythmically as he swept the shoreline for treasure. Had he seen the rainbow's end? My walk took me through every colour of sky and into the sunset, and as darkness fell I made my way back along the beach and home, twinkling harbour and navigation lamps to light my way.

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Sometimes it's an effort to get out the front door.  Without even the excuse of a dog to exercise, my walks are usually completely pointless.  Except that, no matter how short the distance, when you walk with no particular destination,  even familiar streets and places hold an adventure or an unexpected encounter of some kind.  I wanted to record my meanderings, and at the same time share the delights and benefits of walking for its own sake. 

Walking has always been part of the way I do art.  It sparks ideas.  Most of mine, like my walks, are pretty aimless.  But some of them blossom into paintings like the ones on my home page. Who knows where a simple walk round the block might lead you?

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