• Rosemary Lawrey

FEETMAPS 4 - unexpected entertainment

Social distancing funnelled me down an unknown and unpromising muddy track yesterday, straight into a forest theatre where four red squirrels chased one another in a happy treetop dance against a brilliant blue sky. Approaching the end of my third year on the island, I had only ever had a rare glimpse of one of these shy creatures. Today I have traced the flightpath of those incredibly bushy tails as they followed the tree branches or leapt recklessly across giddy chasms. What happy surprises await down new and unplanned routes today?

Sometimes it's an effort to get out the front door.  Without even the excuse of a dog to exercise, my walks are usually completely pointless.  Except that, no matter how short the distance, when you walk with no particular destination,  even familiar streets and places hold an adventure or an unexpected encounter of some kind.  I wanted to record my meanderings, and at the same time share the delights and benefits of walking for its own sake. 

Walking has always been part of the way I do art.  It sparks ideas.  Most of mine, like my walks, are pretty aimless.  But some of them blossom into paintings like the ones on my home page. Who knows where a simple walk round the block might lead you?

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